• Formed as non-profit corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws prepared by Dave Lingren and Jim Carroll. Temporary Board: Morrie Hagen, Bob Salls, John Polyner, Phil Budd, and Jim Carroll.


  • February – Organizational meeting for new Board: Phil Budd, Joe  King, Dave Lingren, Christine Wehrmeister, Joyce McKinney

  • May – John Baker, John Byrne (Ex-Officio – to assist in establishing the accounting system)

  • June – Gene Stowell

  • IRS approval as tax exempt organization

  • Phil Budd set goal of Foundation to raise $500,000 over 5 years

  • Advertising firm HT Klatzky produced brochure for mailings in fund raising campaign

  • Letters to the following:

             – 1000 shareholders and general public

              – 245 small businesses

             – 30 large businesses with personal contact

             – 56 physicians (staff & consulting)

             – Employees

  • Ken Holmstrand replaced Joyce McKinney


  • June- $10,000 unsolicited donation from F.T. Weyerhaeuser

  • John Byrne suggested “advantage for Foundation to become a part of Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation” – Investigate further when assets are larger

  • More major donations and pledges received 1989-1990

         – Potlatch – $75,000

        – First Bank – $7,500

        – No. MN Utilities – $15,000

        – Upper Lakes Foods – $10,000

        – Minnesota Power – $10,000

        – Great Lakes Gas Transmission – $6,000

        – Labor Temple Association – $15,000

         – Credit Union – $5,000 (1990)

        – Diamond Brands – $25,000 (1990)

        – USG – $5,000


  • Some investigation of Donor Recognition – Plaque – Decision to wait until goal achieved


  • Board expanded 7 to 9

  • Evelyn replaced Christine

  • Marshall Johnson and Rose Pollard added

  • John Baker elected President when Phil stepped down

  • Rose Pollard elected Treasurer

  • Planned Giving Seminar

  • By-Laws changed to provide that a $50 donation would entitle a donor to one share of stock in the Hospital

  • Barb Rehr replaced Ken Holmstrand

  • Floyd Rudy talked to Board on Dinner/Auction fund raiser

  • In Pine Knot donor recognition list, ad and mail in coupon

  • Letters to 15 Minnesota Foundations for grants

  • E.M. Johnson Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust


  • Betty Pottenger replaced Gene Stowell

  • Wine Tasting Fud Raiser May – (good public relations, publicity, monetary gains)

  • Hospital auxiliary agreed to work with the Foundation on Dinner/Auction/Dance

  • May – John Baker resigned – transferred to Austin – Joe King fills out un-expired term as President

  • Fred Little elected to Board

  • Past letters reviewed; modified for 1993 campaign – (the 5th) “Foundation will not solicit new contributions after 1993 except for fund drives such as auction and other special events.” Change in emphasis – Good move!

  • December – Kickoff 5th year – Pine Knot article – ad – coupon and donor recognition list


  • Combined meeting Hospital Directors; auxiliary Board and Foundation to discuss roles and functions that each of the organizations have relative to fund raising for the Hospital

  • Karen Wunderlich elected as ex-officio to represent the Foundation and co-chair with Debbie Hill the Dinner/Auction/Dance, 1993

  • Marshall Johnson proposed that a representative for the Auxiliary Board be made a member of the Foundation. Approved

  • Dr. Puumala replaced Barb Rehr

  • Tom Kloskowski replaced Rose Pollard

  • Linda Quarnstrom replaced Marshall Johnson

  • Carlie Nynas added to Board to represent Auxiliary Board

  • Mary Ann Johnson volunteered to keep the books for the Foundation

  • Dick Brenner elected replacing Betty Pottenger

  • Jan Dvorak replaced Carlie Nynas


  • Tom Norman replaced Dr. Puumala

  • Jan Dvorak and Dianne Nendick co-chair Dinner/Auction/Dance

  • Remainder spent on investigation of professional fund management of Foundation endowment fund assets

 Fred Little developed the current distribution policy and formulas for distributing funds to CMH

 The Wine and Cheese and the Gala have been the two major fund raising events in 1992 raising (Wine and Cheese: $5,000-$10,000/year) and (Gala: $15,000-45,000/year). They raised the $45,000 when Pete Nelson from Nelson Car Dealership donated a car, and original paintings by Dr. Chee


  •  Barb Schaak was hired to coordinated annual fundraisers